Thursday, 16 February 2017

Top Safety rules for using an electric shaver ?

In 2017, most of the men like to use the electric shavers. There are a lot of brands in the markets. They claim them to safe and best but before using any electric shaver we all must keep in view the following safety rules.

1. First of all, you must be prepared for the shaving process.Make it clear that your shaver is clean and properly charged.2. Secondly, when you start the shaving always try to get the angle right. Hold your shaver strictly at the proper angle to your shaving area of the face. For this purpose, foil shavers give the best performance.
 3. Be aware of too much heating, So always check your shaver again and again. Make it cool if it becomes hot during the shaving process.
4. Be very careful at the sensitive areas of skin. If you will not take care then you will get irritation and itching in those areas.
 5. Take good care of your electric shaver like other electronics.
You need to give your shaver some TLC.6.After using it clean it properly and put it in the clean place. If you will care your machine then it will work better next time. Remove the dust and hair from your shaver after every shave.
7. Patience is one of the most important rules while using the electric shaver. So, be patient and use it with comfort. 

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