Monday, 22 January 2018

How to remove a blackhead in 5 minutes with simple home remedies

How to remove a blackhead in 5 minutes with simple home remedies.
Blackheads are most unwanted for everyone but all of us have it. 
It happen due to sebum and dead skin into our pores. The color of these pores becomes black when these pores exposed to air. 
Everyone wants to have a clear face and get rid of blackheads.
There are some home made tips  to remove the blackheads.

How to remove a blackhead

1. Lemon juice is very effective to get rid of these blackheads. Lemon tightens our skin and pores. You can easily use lemon on your face. Just apply the lemon on blackheads you will feel the difference. You have to do this twice or thrice in a week before sleeping .
How to remove a blackhead 

2. Using honey is always very good for skin . Honey is not only antibacterial but it is antiseptic as well. Honey is  good treatment for removing the blackheads. Just take some warm honey and apply it .After 5 to 10 minutes wash your face with soft cloth.

How to remove a blackhead 

3. Baking soda is famous for its cleaning  agent. It can also be used to remove 
blackheads. You just have to mix small teaspoon of baking soda in water . Make a paste and apply it to your face while massaging. After this wash it with water. Use this tip once in a week.

How to get rid of blackheads for clean face

 After using these simple home made tips you will feel your skin fresh and black heads removed. 

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