Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Muslim student Arrested For Bringing Homemade Clock To School

An Engineering student of class 9 was arrested  in Texas and sent to juvenile detention. The school arrested him for bringing a bomb in school which was actually a homemade clock.

Muslim student Arrested For Bringing Homemade Clock To School

The student Ahmed Mohamed is a Muslim boy and he is fourteen years old.He is a student of engineering at MacArthur High School . He told the morning news that he love engineering and likes robotics that's why he thought to link a circuit board, power supply and digital clock together in his pencil case. He wanted to impress his teachers by doing that so he brought this to school .

 But after seeing this device he was pulled out from the class and sent to Principal's office. He told that in Principal's office the management threatened and blamed him for making a bomb. He said, "They said  ‘So you tried to make a bomb?,  "I told , I was trying to make a clock."

After that he was suspended for three days and some other claim his arrest and juvenile detention and after taking his finger prints he was released to his parents.

On the other hand the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed is now trending on Twitter after the arrest of student . 

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