Thursday, 17 September 2015

How a Haunted Hollywood Mansion became a Party Palace

There are lot of stories about this haunted hill mansion of Hollywood .It was abandoned for many years due to suspicious reasons. It was reputed about the mansion that it is haunted so it remained closed for several years.
Now this resident has opened again and it has become a party place for peoples very quickly.

Haunted Hollywood Mansion 

This mansion was rented in this year June for $10 k per month by the CEO of Advanced Nutrients Michael Straumietis.
Michael has opened this mansion on weekly pot parties for common people with medical cards.

Haunted Hollywood Mansion 

The parties arranged here are amazing and the munchies department is supported by Michael  with meats,  crab legs, breads  and cheeses.

Haunted Hollywood Mansion 

The mansion covers the area of 9,800 sq. ft.. It has six car garage as well.

In the past this property was famous for its mystery  with stories of unusual and Satanic activity in LA, Marijuana Don . 

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