Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Taiwan boy smashed the Italian masterpiece of $1.54 million cost

  Taiwan boy smashed the Italian masterpiece of  $1.54 million cost

A  12 year Taiwan boy smashed, tripped and punched in the masterpiece of 17th Century by an Italian artist. This masterpiece was very expensive and antique having the cost of  $1.54 million.
According to the exhibit organizer, the masterpiece is back on display in the Capital of Taiwan on Tuesday as it had a hole by the punching  of that Italian boy.
The main organizer David Sun told "Flowers" by Italian master Paolo Porpora is part of a Taipei exhibit showcasing artwork, these are  painted or influenced by Leonardo da Vinci. He described that the boys act  appeared to have been influenced by the Marx Brothers.He told that it was an unexpected event or accident as the boy was listening to the guide and not looking the way so after tripping he smashed a hole in the masterpiece.
He told that  his family expressed  great sorrow and regret and no punishment was given to the boy.
Sun told that they  had an Italian artist who repaired the masterpiece of art immediately and now it is  back on display.

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