Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Break up is a hard word to listen and  might be hard to do, but sometimes it is the one and only right thing to do.  There are a lot of reasons for break up but in my opinion the root cause of a breakup is the selfishness of both partners. It happens when the love in the relationship finished after  some time.
We are giving here some common reasons for break up.

Physical or mental torture

This is one of the main reason which ends with the breakup .It is caused by the sadistic behavior of one of the partners.  There are fewer chances  for such a relationship to continue forever.

Attraction towards someone else

If one partner is not giving enough time to his or her  partner then a big communication gap develop between them.This paves the way for attraction towards the new opposite gender.  


 Cheating is also an important factor for the breakup between two partners. The strong relation depends on truth and trust and if one of the partners will feel no trust on the other due to his cheating then this relationship will go to an end finally.

Taunting attitude

The targeted partner of taunting behavior has to bear continues  complaints, criticisms and  sarcastic remarks and wordings . This attitude hurts the other partner. The targeted  partner may tolerate it for a some time, but the breakup is a must in this case.


Jealousy can create  huge  devastations in a relationship. If anyone among the partners is getting more attraction in society then the other partner naturally  start feeling  jealous .This leads towards breakup.
Lying behavior

If a partner is habitual of telling lies  then the other partner is never clear about the right picture of  his or her partner and thus leads to breakup.  

Constant Arguments

The partners who have frequent fights and arguments with each other they fail to  understand each other. The arguments go out of control, they start fighting  shouting  at each other. Finally have break up with each other.
Having different priorities

It both partners have different likes and priorities then this relation never ends with success. The personal likes and giving importance to only personal likes and always ignoring the partners choice ending in a breakup.


Every relation has its ups and downs and if no one is enjoying the company of each other and never enjoyed this relationship .In this case the, the breakup is the final point.

Uncomfortable with each other

If both the partners are not feeling comfortable in the company of each others. It means they should go to opposite directions simply.

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