Sunday, 30 August 2015

Kim Kardashian's placenta accreta could be life threatening for her !

Kim Kardashian  the famous celebrity who told that she is facing the "placenta accurate ".Placenta accrete happens when placenta parts attach to the muscular layer of uterine. Kim Kardashian the
 pregnant star warned that this complication can be very dangerous for mothers. Kim Kardashian is facing very tough pregnancy and becoming a mother is not easy for her.
Kim Kardashian's placenta accurata issue

She is a famous celebrity and a reality television star and a model told in the latest interview with C Magazine. She told that pregnancy has become a great challenge for her and she is passing through a complicated process. According to her, this second pregnancy will be her last pregnancy due to that complication.
Kim Kardashian told, "unfortunately if the placenta goes deeper than it last time then they will remove my uterus.”
Kim Kardashian's placenta accreta  could be life threatening for her

This situation is very complicated and critical for her as  the blood vessels attach the placenta to the  wall of uterine and in this situation removal can result in a life-threatening for her.  Kardashian’s doctors informed her about all the consequences about  this surgery.

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