Tuesday, 18 August 2015

July was the hottest month and 2015 is destined to be hottest year on the earth

According to NASA ,July ,2015 was the hottest month on the planet of earth. A data published by NASA and Japan Meteorological  has described that this July was the hottest month than past in records to the 1800.

 The data shows that the earth is  on its way to having the hottest July as well as hottest year on record. We can just say simply that  this month of July was hottest in the history of records by the instruments. You can see clearly in the map of NASA  the large areas of much warmer in  Northwest, Europe, Asia and Africa as well.

On the other hand the  forecasters at NOAA tells that the El NiƱo event is characterized much warmer than average ocean temperatures and it could be expected  to be the hottest temperature now.
According to the reports the heat from El Nino has boosted the temperatures and effected  on global weather . NASA analyzed every month on the top warmest month than ever.

Japan Meteorological  has told in it analysis that  May, June, and July  of 2015 were warmest on record. After seeing the consisting records of every month of this year as warmest ,we can assume or predict the 2015 the hottest year on the earth. The significant El Nino event with the trend of manmade greenhouse gases are taking temperatures to its peaks and making the earth planet the hottest in the global.

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