Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to Pick the Right Lip Stick

The lipstick is an important thing to increase the beauty of any girl if selected properly. The simple solution to select the right lipstick for your lips is to select a lipstick that looks good on you when you are total without makeup.

To select the right shade of lipstick for your lips is very simple and easy if done properly.
Keep it in your mind that the lip tones will be darker one or two times  than natural lip color. In order to select the best lipstick. Then choose a lipstick and apply it to one lip if the color is one or two time deeper than you found suitable shade.  

Always choose light and medium shades of lipsticks if your lips are thin side. On the other hand if your lips are thin then dark shades will suits you. Try to use matt lipsticks to look amazing .
If you feel that the colors like red will not suit you then use the colors with tricks. You can bring colors according to your face by mixing them with some light colors.

Applying lip liner before lipstick is very useful to highlight and keep it safe for the long time.
You can also choose lipsticks according to your face color. If you have a fair skin then you must choose apricot  and pinks. If your color is medium then go for dark colors like mauves, berries or roses. For dark skin red, chocolate and deep plum is fabulous.

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