Wednesday, 12 August 2015

'Google' is becoming "Alphabet' What will be the future of Android ?

A lot of questions are rising in the minds of technology seekers that will  'Alphabet' the new Parent  company of Google will rule over Google or work separately.
After this announcement of  restructuring now everyone is focusing on the authorities of Google.

According to the new corporate structure, Alphabet will operate as the parent company for Google and  for small companies. Google  will focus on strong and mature Internet products like Android, YouTube, ads and search that will remain the part of Google like before. 

 Many of projects like Self-driving cars, fiber-optic Internet service will be now separate from Google. These will be under the Alphabet the parent company of Google, the domain of the Alphabet conglomerate. Google will keep on search, Android, YouTube and other mature products. .So we can say that it will make still lot f money. 

It is a good news that mature and core businesses of Google like Android the most powerful product of Google  will remain under the custody of Google.

Android is now being used by countless platforms and Google has never taken even a penny from Android.  Google gave this software to serve the mobiles delivery systems for all over the world.
monetizing Android itself has been a tricky business for Google.

 On the other hand monetizing the Android has been very tricky for Google as well.  It has to face the challenges to expanding the Android ecosystem in smartphones devices, cars and wearable's. Google and Android will remain as   "establishment" at Alphabet  always that could help them for incremental progress. 

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