Thursday, 13 August 2015

Coke have too much sugar to make big lollipops

Soft drinks that use soda are very harmful for our health and the huge amount of sugar in  these fizzy drinks is a major reason of obesity, diabetes, heart disease ,stomach disease and much more. According to a study found one can of these types of drinks in a day can increase the risk of heart diseases till 20 percent.

An artist Henry Hargreaves based from New Zealand has proved through some experiments that Coke and other fizzy drinks have too much sugar that you can make huge lollipops from it. According to Henry he heard from a health professional that Soda drinks are  “the cigarettes of our generation" .After this, he tried to find the truth about these drinks.

Henry Hargreaves  decided to demonstrate this after boiling the water in a drink. After boiling the water, he collected the remaining things like sugar mixture, color and other products and he poured this substance in a lollipop mould machine. Then he made lollipops of those drinks. He took all bottles and drinks of different sizes and each lollipop  was for a single serving. He found in this experiment that there is more sugar in the drinks than he expected.

He proved that the drink like mountain dew has much sugar and another shocking thing was that  if you put lollipops  back in water it became the drinks again.Henry Hargreaves explored  that among all those drinks Coke was a weird  and dangerous one as others drinks became just lollipop  but the Coke  was Volcanic  and lava-y. He proved that the Coke has the weird texture to it as well.

All soft drinks, Soda drinks including  Coke are  overloaded with sugar, dangerous for the heart , stomach and cause a lot of diseases. 


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