Monday, 10 August 2015

Be Aware! Hackers can Steal Fingerprints From Your Andriod Phone

Hacking has become very common in this day and most of the people have to face security issues due to  increase in hacking. In Las VEGAS, the researchers from Fire Eye's, Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang explained the ways to stop the hacking on mobile phones through fingerprint scanners. They explained that  phones data could be hacked due to fingerprint very easily. They proved that Hackers can guess the password from mobiles. 

Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang showed four types of attacks that allow hackers to steal fingerprint scanners through mobile phones. He explained that a hacker can get the info through a special hacking application. After this application when the mobile holder try to unlock the phone actually they are using their fingerprint for the hackers.

They told that transactions should not be allowed through some applications in mobiles and users must always know for what their fingerprint is used. Zhang warned through a demonstrated that fingerprints are not stored on devices. He told that the fingerprint data always stored in a form of bitmap file. It can be changed  and reassembled as an  image.

They also demonstrated that if there is already a fingerprint data available in a phone but the user is unaware from seeing the more fingerprints added to the device. He showed that setting menu in an android phone showed only one fingerprint but he unlocked the phone by using his other two fingers. This is a very easy target for hackers. They told that this security problem is the problem and not limited to Samsung or HTC.

Zhang also proved that Apple's iPhone solve this problem as it encrypts all data of fingerprint sensor that  forbids the hacker  to  obtain the fingerprint data.
Hacking in internet and on android mobiles is very common issue now and We should be careful about the security of our devices and data. The most important thing is biometric security.

 According to Wei if our biometric data is stolen then it will cause to lose  the ability to use biometric identifier. Wei told that by 2019 more than 50 percent of smartphones will have fingerprint sensors .
EyeVerify feature is also coming in which the camera of mobile will read or catch the eye print. Some mobile devices including Samsung devices use full face to Unlock mobile.

The both researchers emphasized that the users having mobiles with biometric sensors features should get regular updates frequently. 

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