Thursday, 27 August 2015

9 things men want from women but never tell

Men are considered less expressive than women and they want a lot from women, but they never describe this clearly.  
 Let’s talk about the men desires they expect from women but never tell.

9 things men want from women 

  1. The most important thing is 'respect' that a man expects from his wife or girlfriend. 
  2. The another important thing a man requires is 'admiration'.If his wife of girlfriend gives him the true appreciation for his hard work and sincerity, he will definitely feel extra pleasure. 
  3. Men like the 'companionship' of their beloved women.He wants her special lady with him when he is watching his  favorite TV show. He likes spending time with her beloved too.
9 things men want from women 

  1. Men appreciate the women when she gets ready for her husband or boyfriend.  After putting some effort and applying some makeup with some  nice dress and good perfume men can be extremely pleased.
  2. Men always admire the pleasant attitude and polite voice and attitude from his better half. Men feel very comfortable with a nice tone.
  3. Everyone wants 'encouragement' in his life to move forward. By giving positive response and healthy encouragement women give eternal pleasure to men.

9 things men want from women 

  1. 'Independence' is also one of the most desirable things of almost all men. Every man wants freedom to think and perform in life. They do not like the supremacy of women.
  2. Men want 'recognition ' for his duties as a son , husband, brother, and a father.
  3. One most important desire by the men is to give him full support for his deeds and decision. Although he is very strong but being a human he needs full cooperation and positive support by woman all time. 

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