Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Important things you should know about Freelancing

Freelancing has become very popular in these days and very one 
wants to work as freelancer to earn s has many attractions  like we
are our boss in this work , we work in our selected hours and we 
are responsible for our success.

1.You will work alone as freelancing ,you have to work at your home isolated from society.
2.Freelancing means that you are  responsible for your work yourself and to be successful as a freelancer, you need to be accountable for yourself.

3.If you start work as freelancer  , you should have to be more organized and discipline.
4. Your earnings are dependent  on your rates  in freelancing.So to succeed you must be able to negotiate good and reasonable rates for your services.In the start nothing wrong to start with low rates.After getting good reputation you can raise your rate.
5.In freelancing you have to deal your clients directly so you have to be less emotional.

6.As a freelancer you must know the trends and innovations in the field. You must know which trends affect you and how you can use them for your success..
7. Before working as freelancer , make it sure you have enough savings for work.Make it clear you are not going to be rich in one week so  you leave your full constantly till success.
 8. The key to success as a freelancer is to deal your work as a business.Imagine yourself a CEO of your company and work 
Set your own hours , own time table and own conditions of work , and once it is settled ,get sicked to that.
10.Only work in those area in which you are expert. Never lie to your clients about your potential.It will destroy your image as freelancer.
In next Article we will tell you the best freelancing sites.
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