Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Iguazu Falls are one of the amazing and largest waterfalls of the world.
These amazing falls cover the border between Argentina and Brazil.
Many cascades can be seen in these falls which spread large spray of water.
Shape of these falls is semi circular.there are almost 275 above falls that make the largest falls.
Iguazu River is 3 kilometer wide and its height is about 80 meters.
It drops vertically in the shape of a horseshoe in middle  of the two parks.
It is surrounded by rain forest which has  2,000 species of  plants  and  wildlife of the region.
On the right  of Iguazu Falls  is the Brazil  which have 20% of the jumps of falls, and the left side jumps are Argentine, which have  80% of the falls.
Iguazu Falls weather is accessible all the year .But the best time to go to these falls is summer season.From April to June visitors enjoy driving in boats  in these falls and
enjoy the fall of water and getting wet.

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