Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to take care of your feet in winter

Winter Season is full of blessings ,We where sweaters ,jackets ,socks , gloves ,Caps ,boots to protect from winter effects .
We also take soups , dry fruits and others yummy winter foods in this season.
What we neglect in this season most is our skin which becomes hard ,cracked and rough due to dehydration .
In winter our blood circulation also becomes slow which makes us lazy .
Our hands ,feet and skin is badly affected in winter season .
Today we will talk about taking care of our feet in winter. We can make our skin fresh and soft by taking a bit care of it.
Tips for Feet
We should make a habit of Walk at least for 30 minutes daily whether we want it r not.
It is the best tip for our blood circulation and remaining active and energetic.
We should drink water 6 to 8 glass daily in summer or winter.
We should wear easy shoes in winter season because uneasy shoes make us tired and lazy.
We should wear warm socks in winter season almost all the day.
We should not wash our feet with hot water because it makes our skin rough .We should always wash our feet with normal water.
Make it a habit to sock your feet in normal hot water for 10 minutes daily.
Add some olive oil in the water and rub your feet with soft brush or cloth.
Make your feet dry by some soft towel and apply some good moisturizer on your feet
.You should apply this moisturizer before going to the bed.
Give a massage with soft hands for 5 minutes.Then wear socks for all the day long.
So with a little bit effort we can take good care of our feet and skin in winter season.

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