Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to select perfect Eye shadows for an amazing look

How to select perfect Eye shadows for an amazing look

Eye make up is very important for our look ,if it is not according to your face , dress and timings it will give you a bad look.
We will tell you some easy tips for applying eye shadows to make you stylish and amazing.
Make it clear that eye make up must not be very complicated so keep it simple and attractive.
1st of all, make it clear that timings and events are very important for selecting eye shadows .
If you are going in evening party apply dark and bright colors and
if you have to go in the office or Lunch Party apply light and relaxing shades.
You must choose the perfect eye shadows for your eye color then decide how to apply different shades on your lid.
Always choose a color according to your natural color.
For example if your eyes are blue you may choose brown or golden shades
if your eyes are black choose silver and grey shades.
Now start your Eye make up ,take a natural color eye shadow and apply it on your lids .
After this take the darkest color of your eye shadow and apply it on the crease with brush.
Now it is time to add any highlighter above this crease, you must use always light colors here.
The most important thing in applying eye shadows is blending , it is best method to create stylish and new eye shades.
At the last you must apply brown or black eye liner for more attractive look.
One last tip ,if you want look of brighter and more awaking eyes then apply any light shade into the inside corner of the eye.

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