Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to make your hair healthy and beautiful

Hair are important part of our personality but mostly they are damaged due to our negligence .
We need proper diet for healthy and beautiful hair. If you are taking unhealthy diet then your hair will become dry and dead .
The diet you take daily helps fortify the follicles of hair.
Experts say that your sleep ,harmonics problems and other life styles also effect hair growth .
You should take Protein diet and vitamins for good hair.Vitamin A,B,C , Zinc ,copper ,iron are very helpful for hair growth.
Omega-3 is also important for hair which can be found in fish ,walnuts and olive oil.
You can improve your hair condition by taking healthy diet as well as taking care of hair.
Here we will tell you some tips for your healthy and beautiful hair.
Oiling or massage  is the best tip for making your hair healthy and strong .You should apply different oils regularly on your hair.
It will give proper blood circulation to your scalp .
Apply egg , yogurt and mustard oil mixture once in a month ,it will boost your hair growth and condition.
If you are taking a good diet and spending your time in positive activities and taking care of your hair then
Your hair will be long , shining and healthy.

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