Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to look stylish in winter ?

Winter brings happiness and lot of blessings for all.
In this season every person wants to wear warm dresses.
But the major problem with females is that in wearing warm clothes they have to ignore their stylish look.

Some time they become careless about winter bad effects to look smart or stylish or some time they do not care for their styles and  wear everything to get rid of winter.
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There is no need to wear many clothes to face winter,
We will give you some perfect ideas to face winter with your stylish look.
Choose a stylish coat or long sweater for winter season .
Select the dark colors according to the weather like dark blue ,brown , black or Maroon.
Choose a stylish hat according to your face structure.
Take some gloves in contrast of your coat or sweater.
Wear socks to keep you warm.
Always wear shoes matching to your sweater or shoes.
Wear some high neck that will keep you warm and also give a smart look to you.
You must wear a tights then you can wear long skirt or Jeans or trouser according to your choice.
You will feel yourself comfortable with this dress and will look attractive and stylish !

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