Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to Choose a Handbag ?

Handbag has become a part of our dressing and style in these days , we carry our important things in handbags .Mostly women get confuse while choosing handbags . They did not bother about their requirement and purpose before buying it.

Most of women  don’t know that  handbag is also a reflection of their personality.
Here we will tell you some tips for choosing suitable handbags  according to your requirement and personality.
When you are selecting a handbag ,always think about your requirement , comfort and its usage first of all.

No doubt handbags are now symbol  of fashion but don’t forget its purpose  but you take a handbag to carry your important and personal things .
Always select color of your handbag according to the occasion ,if you are using handbag for travel ,choose dark colors
like black , brown etc .But if you are going on a wedding or birthday party ,you must hold handbags of matching or contrast colors with your dresses.
If you don’t have matching bags , no need to worry , always match the shoes with your handbag .
You don’t need a large bag for parties .Clutch is most preferable for functions.
If you are wearing heavy dress then don’t hold a heavy handbag with lot of zippers, buttons or other decoration,it will distract attention from your dress.
But f your dress is simple then you can carry a heavy designed bag with you.
If you are buying a bag for daily purpose then always select durable material which can face any type of  hardness.

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