Wednesday, 29 July 2015

High Paying Topics in Google Adsense

Most of the people now want to earn online . Blogging is a successful ways to eaonline through getting the revenue from blogs content.We can see a lot of competition in this  blogging field now.  Everyone wants to get more and more tips to earn more and more revenue from their blogs.Most of the bloggers are attracted to get Google Adsense to get the good revenue for their contentThe most important and the big question is that, “What type of topics does Google AdSense approve?”
We are giving a list of the top Ten niche for blogs for the guidance of bloggers.

1.Health  niche

Health is the best niche for blogging as everyone is curious and worried about his health. Most of the people love to visit the blogs that gives tips and simple information on health and fitness. The health niche  catches interest of huge  visitors .

2. Technology  niche

Technology is also the most demanded topic of the web now. Technology is a vast field as everyday lot of innovations are happened in the market and everyone wants to get latest information about different devices . No doubt , if a blog keeps its viewers update about the latest technologies can easily get success in the world of blogging.

3. Fashion niche

Fashion is also very interesting  and demanding niche  if handled properly. Everyone wants to know and learn about the trends.  The blog that gives effective tips and perfect fashion guidelines gets popular very quickly and gives good revenue.

4. Relationships niche

A blog that gives super cool advises on relationships in the crisis and uncertain situations . If a blog gives answers  all questions about relations effectively then it gains a lot of visitors.

5. Finance niche

Finance niche is also very important if updated and managed properly. Blogs on finance encourage their readers to find the best ways in order to start their own work .These blogs catch mot of visitors and earn a good revenue from 

6. Photography  Art Niche

Most of the people have lot of interest in Photography. With the latest inventions of cameras, tips on digital photography, topics about the lenses get a hug fan following .The main thing is to select the  niche if you have proper interest and knowledge.

7. Celebrities or Stars  niche

Blogging about celebrities, their lives ,their scandals, break ups, new films , successes and failures , interviews and everything about them. This topic can give you lot of fans and revenue from Google Adsense , the one and only thing is that one must write a blog on celebrities with having complete interest.

8. Blogging Tips niche

Keeping in view the interest of people in Blogging the niche about blogging and online earning can also be very effective and interesting for the new bloggers. The topic should be about to write excellent blogs , tricks of Blogging, tutorials and much more etc.

9. Real Estate:

This is a very smart choice for blogging and earning. Blogs on commercial ,  corporate real estate and real estate investments are most profit making subjects .
Hope you will work on a good niche blog.
Have a wonderful blogging experience.

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