Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Colors of your dresses show your personality?

This world is full of colors , human eyes get inspiration from colors.Colors shows your  emotions and represent our personality because nature of a person is reflected from color selection.

 Red  shades show the emotions ,excitement.Due to its brightness it catches the attention of viewer.

Blue shades show softness of nature ,it brings peace to the yes.It will make you relax if you are feeling stressed.

When we talk about Green color  we can say it refresher , it brings us close to the nature.It is the best shade for spring .


Pink color is for girls and it reflects romance and joy.

White color reflects peaceful and innocent personality..It gives sense of cleanliness .

Black color reflects your responsibility  and power ,it gives you a confident and sober look.

Yellow color is full of energy and it gives you a new life if you are feeling down or hopeless.Yellow color brings inspiration for others.

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