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California  is the place of many famous Amusement and theme parks .There are lot of attractions  ,  thrills and enjoyment not only for kids but also for families and all generations.  Here we will describe information about  Amusement parks  in California.


disney land
“Disneyland” (Original)  placed in the center of the Southern California  which has now many parks around the world .It was opened  in 1955  by Walt Disney. It is the most popular amusement park  of the world. It has many attractions and rides for everyone. We can feel its magic just after entering the park. Original Disney Park  location has three hotels owned by Disney , Downtown Disney plus a place for Shopping and dining  , two Theme Parks. Disney California Adventure was the  second Park that was opened in 2001 it is smaller than Disneyland Park.

Knott’s Berry farm


Knott’s Berry farm in Buena Park that is 1st Theme Park of  America .This park has many attractions for kids and families .It has 40 rides along  with roller coasters , water rides , historical rides, It is located at the site of a former berry farm established by Walter Knott.There is also an area for Shopping and Dining that is called California Marketplace. The most famous dining place is Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.

California’s Great America


California’s Great America is a park  located in Santa Clara in Northern California. It is one of the main amusement parks in California. This  park has changed over the years. It was started as Marriott’s Great America in 1976  and it was just a traditional Amusement park but gradually it has added many new things. It is the only amusement place that has its own water park .

Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom  park  was opened in 1968 in Redwood City  but after some time it was  moved about 55 miles to Vallejo in 1985.It started as an aquatic animal park with animal exhibits and shows. Now it has become a park and Zoo as well. There are many Animals like Elephants and giraffes. This park has many attractions like variety of roller coasters and rides.

Gilroy Gardens

This park is newly  opened in Gilroy in Northern California. It’s construction completed gradually during 25 years and it was opened in 2011. Gilroy Gardens is the best place for your toddlers fun and enjoyment. This park has almost 22 rides and many attractions. It is a home of world famous Circus Trees.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

It has been  a popular place from 1924 where Boardwalk admission is free . There are many rides which tickets may be purchased. One can enjoy the thrilling ride on the boardwalk ‘s wooden roller coaster. There are many games to play along the Boardwalk and lot of places to eat Boardwalk’s corn dogs and deep fired artichokes.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

This park is a great Amusement park with a lot of attractions for all people. It is known as the best roller coasters in California. There are many amazing rides and almost 18 roller coasters .This park was opened in 1971  and till now it is a great source of attraction for peoples. It has a water park on the next door  famous as Hurricane Harbor .It has lands that are based on Bugs bunny and his friends and other places.

Universal Studios Hollywood

This is a famous theme park about movies  studios along with movie studio. This park was opened in 1964 and its theme was the original movies  studio. The movie studio tour drive through behind the scenes and movie making techniques. All rides and attraction in the park represent the movies produced by Universal Studios Hollywood. This park has attractions for youngsters and teens.


LEGOLAND Resort /park is for kids and LEGO fans located in Carlsbad. . It has attractions for family and kids but not much thrills.   This park is mainly designed for kids and pre-teens, as well as for LEGO fans of all ages. In  this amusement park its famous building blocks have been used every where even in the rides. There are three different gates, the main  park, a water park, and the Aquarium of Sea life.

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