Sunday, 26 July 2015

How to make our kids happy

 give happiness to your kids
Every Parents has a desire to see their children happy and satisfied. Happiness is not a thing we give our kids it is a thing that we can teach them like other things. Parents do not have to be expert of child development .it can be taught through patience and flexibility and with the passage of time they learn to be happy.

 It is very easy to judge the happiness of a toddler ,he gives smiles ,gestures. But when child is grown up it becomes difficult to know about their happiness. A Happy child smiles , plays ,talks and laughs, Signs of unhappy child are clear they are lazy ,quiet , not laughing , serious , un social .The problem becomes more complicated when we have a child who is very shy. He never laughs when he is happy.

The best source of kids happiness is not material and toys but it is  to stay with parents .Staying with Parents makes them confident , relaxed and happy . The key to make your child is happy is connecting with them , playing with them . having fun with them . If you will follow this tip ,happiness is the guarantee.

Playing with kids is also a good source for teaching happiness , it not only makes kids happy but it is also essential to future happiness .
Home environments also plays very important role in making kids happy. If kids find a healthy ,joyful environment  definitely he will be happy.

Being a Parent if you want your child to be happy you must know that your love and connection is the best source of happiness. 

Make it sure that never promise to make your kid's happy always but encourage them to be  happy. Giving happiness always is not possible as it is not a thing you manufacture for them it is to encourage them to bring their inner happiness out.

All Parents have great a desire to see their children happy. For this purpose they can do a lot to encourage them to find their happiness themselves. Parents can make it possible through unconditional love ,support , affection , presence and giving good example.  

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