Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Why Kids Learn to Lie ?

Why Kids Learn  to Lie?

Speaking Lie has become a common habit in our Kid's now , I have noticed many children lying to their Parents for  many things . Even toddlers lie with their Parents ,but the question is why they lie or who make them learn to lie?

I have noticed that kid's lie for many reasons  to avoid punishment ,to pretend a good one , to hide the reality ,to get attention .
If we talk about why they lie and who make them learn to lie ?
Then it is very clear that they learn this from Parents , Family members and society.

Kid's are born without social skills and they are totally dependent on their Parents .Almost all personality development is completed in first five years of kid's which he spent mostly with his /her Parents.
Like all other habits kid's also learn honesty and trust from Parents  but normally we see these two things rare among our Peoples .So if in daily routine of life Parents are not speaking truth at all moments and lying even in small matters, then how it is possible that their kids will not lie in future. Parents can not realize that their kids are lying with them as they are also habitual of this as a result it becomes a
part of their personality. According to the experts lying is  very advanced skill in kid's as it needs brain development and social skills which truth does not need. If a three year child is a good liar , it is a symbol that he has strong cognitive skills. But if Parent will not change his habit as a result he will become a perfect  and habitual liar.

Almost all kid's lie with their Parents or others to avoid punishment or bad remarks .For example if a three year child breaks a glass and to avoid expected punishment he will lie that it is broken by his elder brother. In this situation if Parents will trust the child or not inquire the reality ,he will become habitual of lying as a result. Sometimes Parents neglect small lie of kid's that he will improve when get older .But they are totally unaware from its consequences. By doing this they are developing a negative personality. Parents should understand that kid's understand very early the difference between truth and lie. So it is the responsibility of Parents to avoid lying in their daily life and discourage their child for lying .They should appreciate and give some reward  to their child for speaking truth .

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