Monday, 2 February 2015

Story Telling - A great tool of Learning for Preschool Kids

Story Telling - A great tool of Learning for Preschool Kids

Story telling  is a best technique for teaching and great source of learning for Preschool kids. It has long lasting impact on kids social , educational and mental growth. It is best tool for improving kids reading, listening and speaking skills. Children of every age and nature like to read or listen stories. But in era Parents  became more busy in social activities and they find no time to spend with kids. They think it a useless activity because they are totally unaware of importance of  this activity. Storytelling has great impacts on kids vision and learning, Parents must spend daily sometime for telling stories to their kids. Now we will tell some advantages of storytelling for kids learning and mental growth.

Ø Children love Joy and excitement in every moment of their life, they can easily learn the things which has enjoyment and excitement .Story telling is a technique of teaching which has enjoyment and excitement as well. Kids are easily attracted towards story.
Ø Children can learn those things easily which are more attractive and interesting .They get bored with regular teaching style .Parents can easily teach them through a story which they will learn happily.

Ø Story Tellingis very helpful for kids development. It is not only helpful for improvement of kids learning but also for development of kids ,creative ,emotional and cognitive skills.
Ø Story telling helps to boost  imagination of your child while listening stories they assume many things in their mind. It helps to learn about the world around them.
Ø Children who listen stories become excellent readers in future.

Ø Story telling is a  great tool for developing kids creative , listening and speaking skills.
Ø Story telling is a great source of knowledge and vocabulary for kids ,it helps in their future academic performance and social skills.

Ø Parents who are good story tellers, their kids are attached with them strongly.
Ø Storytelling can help the Parents for improvement of kids behavior and developing good habits. They can teach moral values through stories .It will positively affect their behavior.
Ø kids can easily understand the cultural  and social values
through good stories.
Story telling is very important for your child specially at preschool level ,Parents and teacher should use this technique for kidsgrooming.

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