Sunday, 21 December 2014

Impact of Cartoons on kids


In the past , toddlers used to spend most of their time in playing or outdoor activities. But now they like to sit in front of television to watch their favorite Cartoon shows. It has become easily accessible  entertainment for kids. Parents also find it an easy way to keep them busy all the day for long hours but they are actually unaware of its harmful effects.
Watching T.V and Cartoons is not a bad thing for kids really .

It is very helpful for kids learning and development .Kids learn many things from cartoons like language , vocabulary ,conversation ,speaking, general knowledge ,society. Cartoons are best educational source for kids if used properly .

But if Parents will not care about the them an language of cartoons or kids watch cartoons for long hours then it has very negative effects.
·         Kids who watch cartoons more then 3 to 6 hours in a day ,become very lazy and overweight .
·         Cartoons also effect kids behavior ,if they are constantly watching cartoons become very aggressive and disobedient too.
·         kids who watch cartoons for many hours they become addicted to this and addiction for anything is not good for kids .They perform everything like eating , sleeping with cartoons that is not good at all.

·         According to the experts , kids who watch cartoons for many hours become more violent and hyper. It promotes negative behavior  among kids.
·         Parents think it an easy source to keep their kids busy in watching cartoons, because they are busy all the day in their domestic or outside affairs .In this situation they forget about  the drawbacks of cartoons. They do not care what the kid is watching .
·         To avail positive effects of cartoons ,parents should select some good cartoon channels for their kids and explain the characters.

·         Parents should also make a schedule for kids for watching cartoons or playing other games for balancing their activities.
·         kids try to copy what they observe , cartoons characters become a role model for kids.
Parents should clearly know what their kids are watching and liking the
Watching cartoons is a good entertainment for kids if Parents can manage timetable for their kids.

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