Monday, 22 December 2014

How to Teach Your Child about Animals

Animals are important creature  in this world . They are  most useful and beneficial creature

and very helpful for human beings. We depend in them for many reasons and services.

Teach Your Child about Animals

So it is very important for Parents to teach toddlers about Animals names and types .They should

also informed about benefits we get from animals .It is very helpful to make your kids aware of 

natural surroundings. After this a child will be able to know about usefulness and dangers of some 


Teach Your Child about Animals

Parents can  tell about animals , reptiles ,farm animals, mammals , wild animals ,dinosaurs  

through different techniques .

·         Show them Pictures of different Animals ,kids can easily recognize animals through images.

·         Give them Animals toys like ,horse , cat , elephant

·         Animals puzzles are also very helpful for their recognition .

·         Show them different documentaries about animals on television and computer.

·         Kids can learn about animals by having some pets  like cat ,fish etc.

·         A visit to a farm house is very effective for your child , you can tell them the benefits of cow,

 buffaloes , goat ,horse.

Teach Your Child about Animals

·         The most effective way is to Plan a Picnic to Zoo. 

visit to Zoo

        Kids can learn very easily to see the animals in

real  . It will be very interesting  and informative  trip having long lasting impacts on kids


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