Sunday, 28 December 2014

How to Build Confidence in your Kids

Every Parent want some good qualities in their kids such as happiness, good health , good Behavior,But we neglect  the most important quality in our kids which is necessary for their upcoming life .This is  called Self confidence of  Kids ,which has equal important for your child as good habits or happiness.

Here we will tell you some simple ways to build self confidence of your child .
·         Most important thing in developing kid's self confidence is that Parents should always give good remarks and real compliments. kids feel very confident and proud when Parents appreciate their good habits and actions. If Parents will give genuine praise on a good act of child ,he or she will be definitely feel more confident .

·         To make your Child confident you have to listen to your child opinion.
sometimes it happens your child is giving good solution of any problem ,or if you are planning your weekend or shopping somewhere take opinion of your child it will boost confidence in your child.

·         Teaching good manners to your child will also boost his /her confidence. Guide them how to be social , how to deal with guests , how to meet others in an occasion. How to respect others and show love for smaller ones. Good manners help your child to feel
good and confident. Parents Should  act as a role model for good behavior of their child.

·         Do not select and decide everything for your child .Let your child to select some activities for himself. If he wants to do coloring don't force him to play with toys ,Just guide him about the duration of his play time .This will also improve your child self confidence.
·         If you want to make your child confident then teach them  how to deal with different kinds of situations. Parents want to make everything easy for their kids but it is not good for them ,Let them learn through different situations. Your child will remain always dependent on you if you will not tell him to face difficulties.

·         Another simple but very effective way to boost your child confidence is to assign
different jobs or task at home and if he /she accomplish it successfully give some reward and appreciation ,you will feel a lot of confidence in your child.
·         Allow your child to speak about his problem confidently , encourage your child to share his problems and mistakes with Parents. If he  will have confidence in saying the right and truth it will make him a strong person.
·         To make your child confident ,you should also behave very confidently in front of them in different situations. Your role modeling is very helpful for your child.

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