Monday, 17 November 2014

Why Milk is Necessary for kids

Milk is very important for growing kids ,it provides many important Vitamins and Nutrients that kids need  for their development.

Milk is a greatest source of calcium which makes kid's bones strong. It protects the child from bone problems .It provides sufficient amount of calcium to kids body if properly taken. Calcium prevent from many health issues for future.

Milk is a rich source of Vitamin D ,It  not only helps to absorb calcium  in our body but  It is also helpful for strong bones. It is very helpful for immune system of kids body.
Milk is a good source of Protein which is very important for growing kids.

Milk is very helpful diet for healthy teeth. It decreases  the acidity level in body which are harmful for  enamel surface. It  protects from  our gums disorders  and dental problems.

Children who are very active and energetic ,Milk protect them from dehydration.
If you want your kids to become healthy , strong  so give them proper amount of milk in daily diet.
Kids should be served at  least 2 to 3 times milk in a day. If they refuses to take, give them in different
forms like  fruit milk shake, ice cream shake etc. Because it has all important elements which makes kids healthy and prevent them from many future diseases.

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