Friday, 5 December 2014

Obesity in Small Kids Reasons and Solution

Obesity can be seen in many kids due to variety of reasons.

·       They become over weight due to genetic reasons.
·       Kids can become fat due to lack of physical activity.

·       Over eating, Unhealthy diet and eating schedule may also cause obesity issue in small kids.
·       Over weight issues occur in a family but not all kids will be overweight. But Obesity can be possible due to family eating behavior.

·       Kids activities play vital role for his physical health and weight.
·       Most of children spent their time each day in watching T.V, playing computers or video games. So it becomes a great reason for inactivity. As result they become fat.

How Obesity can be controlled in small kids?

·       Kids should follow a regular eating schedule including all kind of foods such as meat , vegetables, Fruits, juices.
·       Homemade  meals should be preferred instead of junk food.
·       Physical activity is most important in this age for kids good physical and mental health.

·       If you cannot determine your child obesity , consult a Doctor who will give you right direction in this regard.
·       If your child is overweight ,It is important for parents to talk and guide about the facts.

·       Parents should involve all family to teach health benefits of good diet, healthy routine and physical activities.

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