Monday, 8 December 2014

How to Keep your child safe at Home

Safety is very big issue in the homes where Parents have small kids. Kids  are innocent and unable to understand the dangers at their homes. Parents should know about the safety tips for small kids  to protect them from all dangers. They must  Look at each room from their child's  level. They need to take some steps to avoid these dangers as well as make their homes safe and sound . Accidents may occur unluckily even after taking all protections .So When it happens, Parents need to take the further action or must know about the basic first aid  for the safety of their child.

·       First step for child safety is to keep poisoning medicines, vitamins, cleaning supplies and other chemicals in cabinets that are locked or  in a location that is not reachable by children.

·       To prevent your little ones from fire burns, keep matches,  lighters, candles, and other fire tools out of children's access.
·       Keep them away from stove and heated oil.
·       Keep  all plastic bags where children can't reach them.
·       Stay with your  children when they are taking food.
·       If your child is sleeping, keep him  near you, keep hard things and toys away from your child while sleeping
·       Smoking in the home is very dangerous for your  child.
·       Check the room temperature normal for small kids ,keep them in night dress and not overheat them or the room.
·       Put off your heaters before sleeping.

·       Keep cosmetics , shampoos ,shaving away from kids reach.
·       Don't leave your child alone in the wash room specially near the bath tub even for a single moment. because kids can drown .Never leave your child alone in washroom with an older child. not even for a minute.

·       Keep hair dryers away from the water. If you are not using them ,then unplug them immediately. They can cause an electric shock for kids .
·       Keep your child away from Electric items specially iron and switches it may cause electric shock which can be very harmful .
·       Be aware about small objects on your floor  like buttons, beads, coins, pins etc. children can put them in their mouth that could be very dangerous.

·       Parents should be able to know the safety rules about Kids toys also because some of them can be very dangerous if not according to the age of your child. Look for labels like "Not recommended for children under 3 years of age, while buying toys for them.

·       Parents should check toys for  damage and safety such as sharp edges. They should be repaired immediately or wasted .

·       Parents should always keep an eye on their kids when they are playing.
Being Parents it's your most important duty to protect your child from dangers at your home.

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