Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How can Play help in Kids Grooming


·        When children play with toys they acquire many basic skills.
A  child playing with an Airplane set. Not only is she actively learning about Airplanes but about how its operate. He learns colors, numbers, sizes and shapes also

·         Children learn many things while playing like Taking turns, collaboration, following rules etc
these are just some of the social skills provided by play. It helps children learn the rules of social interaction. Kids who like to play together ,will like to work in a team in future and they will be more social

·         Playing reduces the stress level in kids ,so give them a proper time to play.It will keep them away from anxiety .
·         The most important thing  kids learn from play is one of the most natural way for a child to begin developing attention skills.

·         Playing is very helpful for kids Physical growth. After playing they become
physically active because they use both senses and muscles, Preschool children grow very strongly  in physical activities such as walking, running and climbing.
·         When children play with Cars, puzzles or other toys, they are learning directly maths without knowing it.

·         Playing with other improve speaking abilities in kids when they talk to each others.They become more confident.

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