Sunday, 30 November 2014

It is very important for your Kids to learn Table manners

  • It is very important for your Kids to learn Table manners 
  • Preschoolers does not need to sit at the table for an hour while adults chat ,they are expected to stay in their seat until eating is done. 

  • It is not a easy job to make them learn these manners ,Parents need do their part to help their Kids to succeed.
  •  Try to serve at least one food your kids  likes with each meal so he eats with the rest of persons on the table.
  • Kids must  use a napkin to wipe his/her mouth, although thay  have a little trouble keeping it on  lap. 
  •  Teach your kid to chew with his/her  mouth closed and swallow the food before speaking. 
  • The key is for simple manners to be practised consistently at home.
  • Teaching process should be positive to make a happy atmosphere at family meals.

  •  A lot of it is modelling required as  Children learn by what they see. And they can pick up things indirectly. You can say to yourself: ‘Oh, I forgot to use my napkin!’ 
  • When you do need to correct your child keep it neutral and low key. 
  • Sometimes you don’t need to say anything at all ,It can be a look across the table. Mom or Dad just touches their mouth and the child knows to use her napkin.

  • It’s important to remember that preschoolers don’t have the coordination or the attention span to have perfect table manners. 
  •  Parents should be able to manage a visit to a fairly nice restaurant.
  • Take Parents pack along small toys like crayons/colors to help keep kids entertained.

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