Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fat Wife verses Thin husband make a great couple ?

Fat Wife verses Thin husband make a great couple ?

Women always love to be slimmer than their partners. This concept is becoming very strong that men love slim and beautiful wives. A new study has found that Fat women married with thin man are likely to unhappy and disturbed.
The mix weight study published in a Journal about relationship tells about mixed weight affects our romantic relationship .Researchers at the University of Arizonans well as Hanover College worked together to discover mixed weight relationships. They found that women who consumed few calories were  happier than  the women who had high weight ,  they have more conflicts with their husbands.

Research has told  say that weight play  an important in relationship ups and down. Fat women report lower relationship abilities due to their husband’s attitude towards them. As a result they engage in  unhealthy behavior sometimes they consume more calories. Sometimes they hide their emotions if they are facing negative comments from  their husbands.

According to the study  mix weight  couples had less conflict when the overweight person felt the partner was helping her  to maintain her physique. According to the psychologists this conflict can be minimized if communicate in loving and good manner. Avoiding  negative remarks  and gestures will help to reduce this conflict. Latest weight study shows that most of the women became fat after getting married . The study over 10 thousand people tells lot of factors that could impact weight gain, like pregnancy , hormonal and social factors.
Here I must quote the example of  Emma who was very fat and her husband was slim and they spend a very happy life for sixty years until their death What are the factors behind this. Michael was huge , slim and handsome and Emma was skinny and fat but she was tall. He was the happiest man in this world I have ever seen and his wife was her source of Joy.
When they fall in love with each other they both were smart, handsome and young. Emma became skinny and fat after the birth of three children .

She worked hard for upbringing of kids and fulfilled her household responsibilities with love and care. Meanwhile she gained lots of pounds and his husband remained still slim and handsome.
But he loved Emma always like before .He loved and respected her because she was his true friend , well wisher and managed her home with a little income he earned in a month. She worked hard to keep their house a place of love and relaxation. They  never spent time apart.

So they did not love and care about their physical relations but  they preferred their spiritual relation which made them both happiest couple in the world.
It was the love that is equal and based on reality  than fatness  or thinness.
Our past and present has lot of examples of love affairs of skinny women and thin men who extremely loved each others.Weight does not matter its only true love that makes a healthy relationship.

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