Monday, 22 January 2018

Full Week School lunch ideas for kids in winter

We are sharing the Full Week School lunch ideas for kids in winter 

 School lunch ideas for kids

 School lunch ideas for kids

Fish is very rich food for kids for their healthy growth and development which protect against many diseases of future.
      Fish is rich in Protein which is important for every child to build healthy strong muscles and bones. Every part of our body needs Protein for healthy development. So Fish is a rich source of Protein and should be added in Lunch and Dinner in winter specially.                                                                                           Omega-3 fats are very important for Kid's as it is essential for early development of the brain and nerves. But this cannot be made  in the body so we get this oil from the food we eat. Fish is healthy source of omega-3.It is very helpful for preventing heart diseases.                                                   

  •    Fish is rich in Vitamin A  that is very important  for your kid's skin and eyes , It is a huge source of Vitamin D that provides calcium needed for growing bones. It has vitamin and B12 helping agent for growing new blood cells.
  • Fish has many essential vitamins and minerals such as Selenium, iodine and Zinc .These elements are a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect your child from many diseases. It helps to fight off cold diseases.
  •     Eating Fish is improves eyesight of kids and prevent from eye diseases.
  • Kid's who eat oil rich fish , have less chances of Asthma.  If your child refuses to eat fish ,try different recipes of cooking, like steamed, baked, fried.

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